In today’s modern and globalized society knowing languages is a crucial skill. There is a big question, however. Which language should one learn? Our answer is – ENGLISH, in as much as fluent English will definitely open up doors across the globe. Still undecided? Here are the reasons!

English is the second most spoken language in the world!

There is only one language in the world that is spoken more than English – Chinese Mandarin. However, we can state with confidence, that the English language has had a much more serious global impact because the majority of people who speak Mandarin live in China.

English is the language of global business

Both world’s top organizations and local firms prefer employees who have a fluent grip over the English language. So, learning English will advance your career prospects.


What is the most powerful weapon in the 21st century? Surely, information! The main source of information is the internet and over half of the world’s websites are in English. Exact statistics would be hard to find but the people who cannot speak English are inevitably missing out on the bulk of cyber content.

Education and Academic career

A firm understanding of English will give you an opportunity to study in the most prestigious universities both in Armenia and abroad, where education is usually provided in English. Moreover, English is the language of science. To excel in science you need to know the language.


English is the language that brings people together regardless of ethnicity.

Observe the English Culture

The reasons why people should learn English usually start with the words “global” or “international”: global business, global education, global science. However, as a nation the English people have given the world a culture that people have admired for centuries. The knowledge of English will let you get in touch with the English literature, music and cinematography, to soak this culture that is incredibly rich.